Sabtu, 12 Julai 2008

yuwie tempat cari rakan

"Here's the mistake most of the people on Yuwie are making... they're spending their days pounding on the new Yuwie members wanting to be friends and doing everything in their power to get a gazillion people to visit their page every day. They simply don't understand the power of leverage.
No matter how many people look at your profile on any given day, across a month, you will NEVER make enough money to have made it worth your time based on how many friends you have and how many people look at your page. Period.
The way you make money on Yuwie is the exact same way you make money in network marketing. You make money by building a downline organization. That's all there is to it... one simple step... recruit.
Successful network marketers understand that the power of the system is in the downline. The leverage they create. They create a simple system anyone can copy and follow, recruit new people, and then teach them their system. If their recruits will do as they do, they will succeed as they succeed.
The key to winning on Yuwie is a very simple system that anyone can recreate. So here's how you do it... you recruit five people and you teach those five people to both recruit five people and teach those five people to do what they do. (which is what you do)
You have to build a relationship with your downline. You go out and you find people to be in your organization, when they join it you show them how to succeed at it, and then rinse and repeat. If you will do that, you can earn as much on Yuwie as your heart desires. If not, then you should just delete your account now.
The fortune is in the follow-up!
When someone new signs up under you in your downline, you have to immediately teach them to do what you are doing and help them get started. If you do, then your organization will grow and that's how you make money.
If everyone in your downline is taught to go recruit five people and to teach those five to repeat the process, this is what your organization looks like...
Level 1: YouLevel 2: 5 referralsLevel 3: 25 referralsLevel 4: 125 referralsLevel 5: 625 referralsLevel 6: 3,125 referralsLevel 7: 15,625 referralsLevel 8: 78,125 referralsLevel 9: 390,625 referralsLevel 10: 1,953,125 referralsTotal: 2,441,416 referrals
Ok... let's ignore everyone's page impressions except for those who are on your tenth level. That's the level where the fortune is to be made. Suppose each person on the tenth level has just one page view a day, thirty page views a month. That's a total of 58,593,750 page views per month.
If the RSR is $0.50 for the month for every one thousand page views, then your commission on just the tenth level is given as:
$0.50 * 58,593,750 / 1000 * 30% = $8,789
You're making almost $9,000 a month on your tenth level alone having done nothing but recruited five people you taught to recruit five people and so on.
Go find five intelligent people to recruit, teach them to do what you just did and repeat. Don't try to be everyone's friend and generate a thousand page hits a day, it's a waste of your time.
You succeed on Yuwie in one easy step: Build your downline!"
This is what we have to do to succeed in Yuwie.
Thanks again to Billy G, and his son Tim, who are a good inspiration for me here in Yuwie. I am just applying what they are applying to make this successful.
Something that I realized from the beginning, is that in order to be successful in Yuwie, we have to be able to market it correctly. Yuwie is a fun social site, don't tell people that they will get rich from Yuwie. If you do tell them that then it is your responsibility to teach them how to do it. So this won't be easy. You take as much from Yuwie as you put into it.

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